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Kind Words

Coaching- It works a treat!

“Medyhne has been a breath of fresh air in my life! I originally met Medyhne through a mutual friend at a time that i had just discovered I was HIV+. Needless to say I had some issues to work through! It’s hard to describe the feeling I had after my first healing with Medyhne. I guess relief and clarity describe it best. I have continued to used Medyhne’s healing power over the years with much the same feeling of peace, relief and clarity after each healing. After the death of a staff member in the work place I used Medyhne’s great skill to assist with grief counselling for the entire staff. Each and every one commented to me about how much better they felt after the healing including the deceased’s son who received great benefit. While I do not understand the way in which Medyhne actually heals people my personal experience says it works a treat! To sum up Medyhne to me embodies grace, integrity, honesty, higher spiritual awareness and pure personal energy when she is using her healing abilities. I will continue to use Medyhne as I feel the need and highly recommend that you do also.”

Andrew Grinter
Coaching- You Have Helped Me So Much

“I just want to say thank you so much for teaching me meditation and life coaching over the last few months. Thank you for your kindness, your honesty and your wisdom.

You are such a wonderful person with a unique gift that I hope you will continue to share with people. You have helped me so much much more than counsellors, psychiatrists and psychologists combined.

You teach people how to love, most importantly how to love themselves and although I’m not there yet, I am definitely on the way…I wish you all the love, hope and best in the world.

Don’t change and keep smiling! Love Always Bree”

Coaching Kids- Inner Peace & Inner Strength

“Medyhne inspires you to look inside yourself and to help yourself deal with things. She makes you stronger and she helps you to find inner peace and inner strength. She gives you the skills to understand yourself and like who you are.”

Stephanie, 13 yrs
Coaching- Feeling Safe and Loved

“I first met Medyhne in Melbourne when she performed at a concert promoting her album Touch The Sun “Songs of Angels”. I was caught in Medyhne’s spell as her voice swept me up in a magical embrace opening my heart and connecting me to the beautiful Angels who watch over me.

I was blessed to receive a Past Life Reading from Medyhne, which assisted me in seeing where I could release blockages that were holding me back. I found Medyhne gentle, compassionate and beautifully intuitive allowing me to surrender into the healing feeling safe and loved.”

Miranda Short
Coaching Kids- I highly recommend her

Medyhne is very dedicated and compassionately mindful in her care. I highly recommend her and hope her gifts and abilities continue to reach further into the world.”

Jennifer Keillor-Reed, Co-ordinator Peacespace Healing Centre
Coaching Kids at Leadership Summit

Student Representative Group Summit
“Your presence at The Student Representative Group Summit was insightful… Many thanks for your time and contribution to our Summit.”

Anna Schlooz & the SRG Summit Organising Group
Writing- A Female Dr Suess!

“I presided at a book launch on Friday 2 November. The book is known as ‘Hilarious’ (Hilhairyass) Poems – I have deliberately mispronounced the title to be polite – “Hilarious” Poems by Medyhne Lebachen.
I attended on invitation and was asked to speak at the book launch. The book was published by a publishing house, the principal of which lives in Hepburn Springs, so it’s very much a local production; testimony of what we in Hepburn Shire can do. As I read through a book provided to me on the night and listened to Medyhne read a few of her poems, I realised that here we have amongst us a female Dr Suess and how much I would have loved reading Medyhne’s poems when I was going to secondary school and doing a Dead Poets’ Society way back then. I would commend Medhyne, indeed, for her book. I purchased a number of copies. Medyhne has signed them – this one is written out to Hepburn Shire Council ‘Enjoy – Medyhne Lebachen’. I understand Mr CEO when the stress gets too much, this is the book to give to the stressed out staff member or Councillor and I am sure it will prove to be worth its weight in gold.”

MAYOR’S REPORT Councillor & Mayor, Bill McClenaghan, Holcombe Ward
Writing- Shines Like A Beacon…

“Medyhne, I love this! The thematic premise, that sometimes we have to overcome fear of the unknown, of the yet to be experienced journey, if we are to find the true treasure of our over-all purpose. The idea that sometimes destiny and fate combine to take us on a necessary trip, that our own fear has kept us from embarking on, in order for us to embrace all of the magic we are meant to embrace, if our life experience is to be truly complete. This is a beautiful piece of interpretive writing that shines like a beacon of philosophical light in the darkness of things not yet encountered. Thanks”

Rick Frost
Coaching & Writing- Stimulate your Creativity

“I first worked with Medyhne some three years ago and enjoyed her creativity and exuberance. To have Medyhne work on your “joy and creativity” is a step in the right direction. She will stimulate your creativity and get you to dig deeper than you thought possible.”

Pat Grayson, CEO Heartspace Publication
Writing- This book will be everywhere…

“I love this book.

I can actually say it is hard to put down and go to sleep.

I want to pass it around to all my friends. You have done it.

This book will be EVERYWHERE.”

Melissa Rose
Music- Love your CD

“Love your cd. You’re very talented…Beautiful!”

James Arthur Blackman
Coaching & Music

“Thank you for sharing your divine wisdom. Your songs are beautiful and your voice is amazing!”

John Maher
Coaching- I would highly recommend Medyhne

“Medyhne is a beautiful soul who is here to help people get to the core of what’s holding them back. Using her inner knowing and understanding she easily uncovers what it is that needs to be resolved and helps the process with healing and wisdom. Utilising her skills as both a life and business coach gives her the understanding to help heal the issue using techniques that most other coaches don’t have access to. I would highly recommend Medyhne to any one that wants to move forward in life and in business.”

Carolyn King
Everything- Love your work!

“Thank you I absolutely love your work and vibe !! Your Website is awesome ( and I can see a lot of time and effort has gone into it ) … Love your work ! Xx ⭐️💓🌟💗💗 Tosca Grainger-Dee

Tosca Grainger-Dee
I can definitely see so much value in receiving Coaching from you…

“Hi Medyhne, thank you so much for the session yesterday, I felt a lot of benefit from it 🙂
I feel like we are really aligned in our energies and you and on the same page in a lot of ways so I can definitely see so much value in receiving coaching from you…
I think the work you are doing is amazing and I have already received a lot of inspiration from you. I hope you have an amazing day and I look forward to talking with you soon.
So much gratitude and blessings xx”

Michelle Ward
Coaching Kids

“I like doing these sessions with you.”

(Drawing inspired by the sessions)

Novella, 10 yrs
Parents After Kids Members

“I think this is a sacred space, I feel that a lot of good is going to come from this page.”- Lesley Simpson
“I really love this group, ALOT of knowledge here to absorb and many willing to share it”- Mary Myers

“It’s exciting to be apart of such a beautiful supportive group.”- Bree Stedman

“I do love this sort of support. Well done you.”- Angelina Saunders

“Please feel free to join this beautiful group which I am a part of. You will be supported, learn and meet other like minded souls and receive gifts along the way. Medyhne Lebachen is a wonderful founder who shares her beautiful energy in the group…” – Teresa Collins

“My teenage daughter and I watched this together yesterday. I’m sure it will hold a special place in her heart always. Thanks Medyhne 🌺 xo” – Teresa Collins

“Welcome to all of you, the group is very refreshing to the soul!!!”- Dianne Barrett Foley

“Sharing is accepting that we are wanting to change & reaching out so that we may become wiser & learn with the help of others. Life is one big learning curve we never stop & it’s always nice to have the resources, Such as yourself Medyhne helping others.” – Paul Warren

“I’m so grateful for this group you created Medyhne.” – Devash Naidoo

“Dearest Medyhne, Thank you so much for the healing my son received. He seems a to be happier since this blessing. Your group is doing something very special xxx” – Devash Naidoo

“I love this group so exciting to be apart of.” – Kellie Louise

“What a fantastic group to be part of. So needed!!!” – Kate Adams

Intuitive Healing Combining Business Coaching

“Thank you so much for your session the other day!

I honestly felt so amazed by the healing and energy exchange that transpired! I was taken on such a visual journey to places I have never been before. The complete energy shift and healing work was instantaneous, which left me feeling like I had completed months of work in just a few short minutes.
Medyhne is such a beautiful soul who brings with her loads of experience and modalities to complete what I would call energy “magic”!

Business wise she knows what needs to be done and how to focus on each individual- not just do what the masses do… that is important as we are all trying to get ourselves out there as businesses but we are indeed individuals who bring lots of different skill sets and intuitive meaning to the work we do and Medyhne really honestly zones in on that.

If you are after energy healing, guidance, business structure that is tailored on your individual strengths, then look no further- Medyhne is the whole package!”

Janomie Pentreath

“You are a fantastical coach by the way. I absolutely love how much you care and that you always follow up with people.”

Olivia Jane Zandy

“You are making such a huge difference on this planet”

Sun Wolf
Healing & Biz Coaching

“Thank you so much for my session today! Feel so amazing and can’t wait to keep working with you!”

Kellie Spry
Coaching for Kids

“I love doing this with you I love it. it’s awesome. ;):)(wave) Love from Novella”

Novella (10 yrs)

“When I first started with Medyhne I believe I was suffering with anxiety, low self esteem, probably touching on depression as I was finding daily life quite gruelling due to reoccurrences of past history taking its toll on my self worth.

Medyhne took me through tools to use and apply every day to bring me out of this negativity aspect that was controlling my life. I really started to notice a differences after the first two sessions, even my own client telling me one day “I have incredible zen energy today” and she wasn’t even aware the help I was seeking out due to the problems I was having.

After the four sessions I now feel so much clearer and aligned with who I am. I have confidence to be all that I know I am and to love myself for who I am. But I use the tools every day, which don’t take long, I know if I stopped applying these within my life, I know I would be at a high risk of slipping back into what I was originally going through.

Thank you so much Medyhne for all your guidance and on going support. You are truly an amazing human being, keeping helping those who need you. You are making a great change on everyone you touch.”

Chauntelle Leeder
Coaching- Touching So Many Lives

“I have known Medyhne, this lovely lady, for many years now. I’m so blessed we crossed paths.

I have had many healings from Medyhne, also distantly, as well. Medyhne has helped me to move forward in my journey emotionally, spiritually, physically.

Medyhne’s caring passion and her love for others has touched so many people’s lives.

Thank you so much for being who you are.

God bless XX”

Christina Bertram
Coaching- Feeling the Best I have in a Long Time

“I can’t thank you enough for everything you have taught me over the last few months. I’m feeling the best I have in a long time and couldn’t have done it without you. You’re a wonderful person and it’s been a pleasure knowing you. I wish you every happiness in life. Take care Luv Kristy”

Coaching- I Was Transformed

“In my sessions working with Medyhne I felt like I had been touched by an angel – who transported me into a higher frequency – I felt my heart open & I connected with the Divine within – and blockages, mindsets, attachments & ego were released. I was transformed into a blissful state of inner peace, joy & serenity.”

Leilani B
Coaching Kids- So much happier now

“My daughter had experienced a very difficult childhood and Medyhne did ten sessions with her.
She is so much happier now and like a different girl. She has skills now to be empowered and to help herself.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Pamela Rubens
Coaching Kids

“I was delighted with the changes in my son through his work with Medyhne. She worked at a deep emotional level, yet managed to make the sessions playful and fun. She was compassionate and helpful in showing me ways to further the work at home.”

Anonymous Mum (to protect child's privacy)
Writing- Invaluable Resource To Share With Children

“Anything we can do to assist children to discover and express the full range of their emotions and build their capacity for emotional understanding and wellbeing is a great thing. Medyhne Lebachen’s book makes the world of feelings equally natural, colourful and engaging and provides parents and teachers with an invaluable resource to share with children. Reading is a powerful means by which to engage with children, make a safe space to explore and share feelings, and lay a path of education AND connection that can last a lifetime.

It’s a lovely, bright bonus that Lebachen’s book makes emotions such a natural and normal part of a child’s development and indeed being! The world would be a kinder place if we all developed a healthy capacity for emotional expression when we were children.”

Heather Yelland, Director Green SuperCamp Australia Winner, Most Trusted Australian Business Leader, Australian Trust Awards 2015
Writing- A Must-have For Children & Adults…

” ‘Hilhairyass Poems’, well what can I say!? Hilhairyass Poems has everything! It has such character and value that reach out to its audience with a message to all people that being who you are is beautiful and unique and to put any situation as an adult or child into a silly perspective. The illustrations capture Medyhne’s poetry perfectly and is an absolute enjoyable read. Full of wit and humour for all ages and is a must-have for children and adults everywhere!”

Amanda Kerr
Writing- This book is an essential tool…

“One of the greatest fears I see in the world today is the fear of self-expression. This book is an essential tool to help alleviate this fear in the world by helping the children of today express themselves and learn about the weird world of emotion.”

Bren Hill
Writing- Absolutely Loved it!

“I absolutely loved your book – I think it’s fantastic!”

Gavin Johns
Writing- Made me laugh and made me cry

“This (or Ms. Lebachen’s) expressive collection of poems made me laugh and made me cry because it made me aware of how the things we think are important prevent us from seeing the little things that really matter and that could change how we perceive and treat ourselves and other people.”

Simon Berdell Cicak
Music- A Wonderful Journey

“Loving the smooth sound that I describe as folk meets country. Personal favs are ‘The Sun Don’t Shine Today and ‘Never Alone’. Medyhne’s voice has a hypnotic ambience that takes you on a wonderful journey.”

Ren Kucina
Music Reviews

“Very impressive!!” – Ame Gjuju

“Extraordinary!” – Jasmine McDonald

You’re music is wonderful, superb voice, beautifully controlled, great melodies & interesting lyrics.”

“I love this song so much” (about “Sun Don’t Shine Today”) – Chantal Denoux (Denoux Film Productions)

“Excellent sound – keep us updated”- Virgin Records, Los Angeles, USA

“This music is so great. So melodic & inspiring. It brings memories& emotions around my soul. Thank you for creating such a beautiful thing. Yours Sincerely”- Aleksandar Nikolic

Music- “Little Crow” Review

“Little Crow” is a series of children’s stories and animations teaching children principles for a happy life. Medyhne has written, narrated and sung on this international collaboration. Delta Musique commented, “Your lyrics/words are beautiful and your singing is absolutely world class.”

Frank Kozlowski, Owner, Producer & Composer at Delta Musique in France.
I would recommend her Coaching to anyone…

“From the first session with Medyhne, I was struck by the power of her intuition to guide me in what I needed to focus on. We had a great connection and the techniques she has taught me in the use and awareness of my energies have been powerful. I went from struggling to have consistent deep meditations to WANTING to sit every day – it became a natural and desirable practice of self-care and has opened me to a deeper level of my own intuition. I would recommend her coaching to anyone seeking a gentle yet powerful guide and intuit to support your journey.”

Michelle Walker, The Abundance Bliss Mentor
On Holistic, Intuitive Coaching

“Medyhne Lebachen is amazing and indeed such a gentle loving caring EXTREMELY EXPERIENCED professional healer channeler and Life Coach.”

“Medyhne’s been such a positive influence and support. I have received a holistic coaching session, where I was surprised with Medyhne’s generosity of spirit and heart and met with a very unconditional and non-judgemental way of looking at life and approach. She has given me very simple helpful techniques and (mental & emotional/spiritual) exercises to help me along on my challenging life journey at the moment. It is already making a profound difference. I am very grateful to now have Medyhne in my life as a coach, friend and colleague. I can strongly recommended being part of this group and/or receiving guidance from her. (and I’m amazed at all the other amazing things she does and offers!!). ❤”

Esther Barneveld
On the FB Group “Parents After Kids”

Medyhne. I would just like to say that your PAK group is amazing with amazing people. Your 7 day challenge and all the the different techniques of letting go and affirmations and bright perspectives (and bright personal presence) have been *****Magick*****
A Great inspiration to myself in this personal troubled time I am currently going through.
As I’ve said to you, you would be **Brilliant** doing this on YouTube and sharing these Great gifts you have with the world for the uplifting of mankind’s future. This Great Awakening where we all KNOW ♫♪♫•¸¸.•*¨*.”The children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be ~ Whitney Huston “Greatest Love Of All” ¸¸.•*¨*♫♪♫
Great Lyrics the last line reminds me of a quote from the Gnostic scriptures Jesus said, “A person advanced in days will not hesitate to question a little child seven days old about the place of life. And that person will Live!!! ~ Gospel of Thomas
To me means watch Children. How they act and how easily they make friends and join in with others they don’t know. We Parents should let them teach us what life is about. Because they’re Pure Life. Even a Baby.
Anyway Thank you so much Medyhne for putting your Beautiful Life Energy into this Most ***Principle*** Subject. It’s about the Future of our World.
☆☆☆ Blessed Be ☆☆☆

Wade Libbis
Interview with Abiola Adams

“Your Spiritpreneur School podcast interview was AMAZING.

Thanks for the beautiful conversation.”

Abiola Adams

(Here is the link on the blog)


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Abiola Adams, Self Worth Midwife & Media Identity, USA
Holistic Coaching & Healing- Just indescribable…

“My coaching session with Medyhne Lebachen the mastermind behind “Parents After Children” (PAC) was just indescribable, but I am going to try…
First let me tell you coaching for me as an American was not what really happened, as we concentrated on my Chakra system…so for me it was more medicinal
Second you need to know that I believe in Chakra, Reiki, and Crystals and most natural healing even though having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in late 1998 and Stage III throat cancer in 2011. I still am using traditional medicinal venues too.
On to my very unforgettable 45-minute session…
Medyhne is the kindest gentlest soul I have ever met. I could not wrap my head around our time differences and missed our first appointment but was able to give her the extensive questionnaire to review before our second meeting. I almost missed this one, but am so glad I didn’t.
I was trying so hard to make my mind think this wasn’t going to work, but as with all things true, that was not the case…
During my session Medyhne provided very direct and precise direction and the first one was to just sit quietly so she could get a handle on what might be going on with me…As I was sitting there I got this warm, scared, tight, different feeling in my chest (heart) area. She continued to do her process and I didn’t say a word.
Medyhne completed her ritual and then told me she noticed some issues with my heart Chakra and then that is when I told her about my experience. She took me through entire Chakra and we determined mine were mostly in a closed state. She instructed me on how to work on them to open them up. And I learned that there is one that actually needs to be CLOSED…
This was the most intense session I have ever been through…I was actually exhausted for about 48 hours, but it was a good exhaustion…
Now I will say that I am not 100% but I am better than I was and if you have any doubts, come in with an open mind and listen to Medyhne and your body and I am willing to bet you will also come out feeling better than when you went in…

Dianne Foley
5 Star Review for Parents After Kids FB Group

Congratulations to beautiful Medyhne Lebachen she runs this group PAK (parents after kids ) and has attracted over 1000 members in a short space of time.
Why? Because we are all in this together, to encourage, support & share both the endless challenges and rewards of parenting. The members on this site all have the same goal. Hoping for the very best in raising well rounded human beings and maintaining positive and loving relationships. Let’s connect and be united on and off Facebook as and when we can. I feel blessed to be a part of this amazing group and I love all the new things on offer such as prizes, tips and great videos,support and now the launch for “Universal Childrens day” on 20th November. Mendyhne has created 6 weeks of 1hr global online sessions for 6-12 years olds developing self confidence, self esteem, a strong inner core and more!

My rating for this site ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Devash Naidoo

Who is Medyhne

My name is Medyhne Lebachen and my goal is to have an abundant and joy-filled existence, doing what I love and helping you to do the same! Interestingly, the root of the name Medyhne - Medha in Sanskrit, means 'Divine Feminine Sacred Power'. On my life journey I have completed 2 tertiary qualifications exploring Psychology, Sociology, people and our amazing world! I was then inspired by fitness, becoming a qualified Aerobics Instructor, achieving high fitness levels! I married, became a mum of three beautiful children (and a fourth baby girl who died at birth… we don’t talk often enough about death as being a part of life!) and have a lovely birth family (mum, dad, step-mum & two sisters). As every human being does, I have experienced the lows of life with my fair share of trials and tribulations such as deaths, divorce and the challenges that life brings. However, I always forged on with an optimistic and pioneering spirit, full of hope for the future and can now teach/guide/inspire/inform and pass on some valuable skills I learnt along the way! Life has also delivered many highs and wonderful experiences. In the scheme of life, my fascination turned to spiritual growth. I trained in numerous Holistic Modalities... More


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