Steve from Greater Seattle, Washington USA, certainly lives up to his name and is a grand soul!

He has stood out to me as a highly creative being who lives in the moment and radiates soulful enthusiasm for life.

At the time I interviewed him he was deep in the midst of an inspired, creative energy burst (good timing Medyhne lol!)

I asked Steve what he is currently working on now and he replied
“Music art & writing and doing lots of Tai chi and Qi Gong as well.”

“You seem to be a very centered, happy person Steve, what is your secret?”

“This calmness is due to meditation, healthy eating and Tai Chi for sure” (his diet is 100% vegan).

He mentioned reconnecting with all aspects of self including earlier selves in order to transform into a fuller version of himself. This combined with being in a state of Divine surrender and total trust are some of the secrets to his ‘radiating’ presence.

I asked about what he thought was his true purpose for being here and he said,
“Why?” I inquired as everyone has a differing response to this question.
His response was interesting, “It releases all this energy inside of me- I have endless ideas the hard part is completing a work to the end.” Adding “Creativity only comes from hard discipline, work and focus (with professional quality works).”
I especially loved his next comment that, “Creativity is a state of being like grace. each moment becomes a creative expression if you are conscious.”
Steve went on to explain “I do not do it for any other reason than I MUST…I have to get these songs, paintings, writings, lyrics out of me and they serve to raise and lift up humanity in these difficult times…. raising consciousness and vibration.”

Music is particularly his main focus at this time and he states,“From silence comes the music.”
He plays all the instruments so it takes time for him to build the recordings sort of like “building a house”.

Recently a few of Steve’s friends have passed including his dearest long time, animal companion Dylan, a cat. I totally agree with Steve’s focus on maintaining a super positive outlook in the midst of our current times. My guess is that if people can all strive to hold a positive vision, energy and higher vibration it all impacts humanity in powerful ways we can not even imagine!

In summary I asked Steve for his main words of wisdom to share and he stated,

“My words are simple, TRUST, do not heed the fear mongers, LOVE LOVE LOVE, we are loved and protected.”

Excellent words to complete an inspired chat. Thank you so much Steve. We all honour your creative journey and empowered contribution to the ‘whole’ of everything that is…

If people would like to follow Steve’s creativity further please follow these links… react-text: 1035 /react-text react-text: 1039 /react-text

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