For fifteen generations, no less, women were burned at the stake for being witches. In truth, women who suffered through this process were being punished for illuminating their core, female essence.

In the early 1900’s The Suffragettes were a Movement of females defending their right to vote. They even used violent means to draw attention to the devastating lack of gender equality that existed at that time which motivated their extreme actions in order to win this vote. After all, women were considered to be unable to summon the intelligence to even understand the political system, in that era.

Today the residue of our struggle still reflects in the high rates of domestic violence, one in three women, prevalent in Western society.

Yet without the female contribution to this planet we would have abruptly descended into chaos long, long ago…

So my point in acknowledging the long legacy that females have endured to claim their right to equality on this planet, is that now this torch has passed on to you.

This torch has been championed through incredible blood, sweat and tears and I ask you what you choose to do with it?… dearly beloved sisterhood.

The benefits you enjoy today were hard won my sisters and forged in the fiery cauldron of countless generations before you.

This ancestry is all part of who you are and your soul identity rings with this knowledge.

My Manifesto for you is this…


Share all your shining, Divine female presence with this world.
Shine your light so brightly it illuminates the most hidden recesses of man’s inhumanity to man.
Dazzle the human eye so magnificently with your feminine radiance, that the darkness and shadows of the old, unbalanced masculine hierarchies and paradigms, are fully exposed.

Diffuse this imbalance of energy and control through the innate power of your Light!
Sparkle with such gusto and unparalleled beauty simply because you now have this unprecedented opportunity to do so, on the foundations of another’s pain.

Tunnel into the core of your true, authentic brilliance as females and bring this unfettered, onto the world stage.

Create a new structure for earthly relations empowered by the strongest force that has ever existed – LOVE.
Base this love on the honouring of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

Know deeply that this gift you can now give the world is a profound legacy that will ripple through society and be felt by your daughters, and their daughters, for generations to come…

It is the power of LOVE dissolving fear that is the greatest gift of the Divine Feminine.

Blessings & love,

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