I have a lot of parents say to me “I am divorced now (separated etc…) and my child doesn’t speak to me anymore… I miss them.

What should I do…?”

Here is my advice….

Of course in an ideal world we all want to be close to our families and children however this is sometimes an ideal reality we have to let go of… in non attachment because life does not always match the perfect vision we hold in our head and heart…

So hold a loving & forgiving space for them in your life. Naturally leave a door open should they choose to return to your life. However, do not attach your personal happiness or sense of self worth to this outcome.

One of the smartest men in the history of humanity the philosopher Socrates said (and I paraphrase in my own words) ‘our children often think they know better than their parents’ .
This can create automatic division in their thinking.
Secondly, (again paraphrased) it is so important to take your energy into the world where it is valued, respected and appreciated!
Socrates taught the youth of Greece & Rome invaluable knowledge while his own 3 children were not really interested in him and aligned with their mother after they separated.

Take a lesson from Socrates… take your energy into a space where you are truly valued for your gifts and who you are.
Often our children (for whatever reason) cannot do this for us so if we are to live a life of meaning we must go where we are needed and can contribute to the world in purposeful ways.

So this is my overall advice to parents who experience this.
You can still send love on the inner but heed this advice and you will still feel a sense of worth, accomplishment and satisfaction if you follow this path.

Live your greatest life in the midst of this life challenge as though your life happiness is depending on it because in a sense it is!!!

Many blessings

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