I swear this is a true story… and one of the funniest stories I have ever heard!
I will begin by saying that this story is verifiably true but will not incriminate anyone
further by mentioning names! (You will see why in a minute!)

There is no particular motivation behind this BLOG other than it is hilarious (because it is true) and will make you laugh! Laughter is priceless. I highly encourage it.
So with no more fanfare… here it is (I dare you not to laugh lol!)

Four men decided to go fishing so they set out on their fishing boat.
The goal was to catch a shark so in their enthusiasm they headed out into the ocean, off the New Zealand coast.

After many hours of fishing with not much result they thought their luck had transformed when in a Goliath effort of wills they managed to land a HUGE shark! They could not believe their luck!
The four men in unison eventually hauled the giant creature on board the smallish fishing vessel but were dismayed to find that they were having trouble killing the mammoth beast.

“I know” said one, “let’s shoot it”. So they pulled a gun out and aimed for the shark’s huge head.
Unfortunately as the intimidating fish tussled and turned, they missed the head and shot the bullet straight through the floor of the boat. At which time the boat quickly began to fill with water.

The four men turned to each other anxiously. They were clearly required to stay and sink with the doomed vessel and, thus, probably drown. The other option was to jump into the deep waters and swim to shore.

Probably beating all existing World Swimming Records for speed, the four men took the latter option dived in. They swam as never before with the thought propelling them forward of the multitude of sharks that were swimming underneath.

Happy to report they all made it and survived!

All four men lived to tell the tale but probably never did!!!


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