What Is The Golden Lesson of the Peacock?

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Did you know how this happened? I will share the story now…

When the peacock first came to Earth his plumage was bland and dreary. His feathers were a muted, boring brown!
One day he bent down in misery, beseeching the Gods for respite from his inner turmoil.
His peacock tears sprinkled the ground, as he cried heartily.
“Why oh why am I so worthless??” he wailed.

The Divine Creator feeling empathy for this sad creature inquired kindly,
“Why do you believe you are worthless, dear Peacock?”
The peacock, who was too engulfed in despair, responded immediately without surprise, as he blinked his watery eyes,
“Just look at me. I am plain and insignificant!”
The Divine listened with benevolent warmth,
“If you only understood the extent of your true beauty you would be dazzled beyond words! Seek within” he urged.
The peacock who was not too proud to take any guidance, began to turn his gaze inwardly.
The more he searched inside, the more wonder he found. There were treasures that had been
hiding. The deeper he explored, the more incredulous he became. Now he could find wisdom and love and peace, if he only looked hard enough!

One day the Divine who had been watching these explorations with increasing delight, appeared before the peacock again and declared,
“You have taken my advice and I am here to reward you.”
Incredibly, the dull and inauspicious feathers began to change into spectacular turquoise. Quite unlike any other Earthly dweller.
The peacock was ECSTATIC and simply glowed with a golden aura of abundant love, honor and respect of self.
He had transformed his physical being to match the beauty of his inner world and the Creator smiled.
This was the golden lesson of the Peacock…

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