I have a fascinating true story to share…
If you are feeling challenged by being a parent or you question your own capabilities please take heart….
Did you know that one of the greatest minds and thinkers of human history found parenting challenging?
Socrates said (and I will translate in my words)
‘….parents and children often have difficult relationships because children inherently believe they know more than the parent. In life, it is basically it is better to put your energy where it is wanted or needed. As a parent you need to care enough to let go and allow your child follow their own path…’
in other words to try to nag and over-parent your child in a direction you feel happiest about, is mistakenly viewed as caring. Parenting is a process of letting go in unconditional love so you are not attached to a particular outcome…
Interestingly, Socrates history reveals that he did this. His life was interpreted in various ways since then however this was the basis behind it. His foundational base was that love was everything and he encouraged people to learn how to think…
Here is some background of Socrates who was the mentor for Plato (another of the greatest thinkers and philosophers in our entire human history!)
Here is a somewhat negative historical interpretation of how he parented but above was his reasoning behind it…
“Socrates married Xanthippe, a younger woman, who bore him three sons—Lamprocles, Sophroniscus and Menexenus. There is little known about her except for Xenophon’s characterization of Xanthippe as “undesirable.” He writes she was not happy with Socrates’s second profession and complained that he wasn’t supporting family as a philosopher. By his own words, Socrates had little to do with his sons’ upbringing and expressed far more interest in the intellectual development of Athens’ young boys.”
He put his knowledge and wisdom where it was appreciated and needed. He greatly impacted a while generation of Greek and Roman youth through his incredible awareness…and humankind until this day!
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