(In honour of Elly Rose Warren)

A Call To Arms … Of Love and Service

For everyone who was touched by the profoundly tragic news of the murder and rape of a young Melbourne woman in Mozambique yesterday, the daughter of a lovely friend of mine, I have this to say…

It is also relevant in light of the enormous dissension and mixed emotions of so many people I read in comments all over social media following the outcome of the US Presidential election…

How does humanity best deal with adversity, challenge, struggle, sadness, fear, negativity and the depths human emotions?

For this I have but one response…

I will not bend. I will not break.
I refuse to allow darkness to win. To allow it to reside permanently in my heart and soul.
Or for darkness to gain traction in the world surrounding me.

I will not allow it to cripple or undermine me.

Personally I will not take these life experiences as an opportunity to lie down, to disempower my essence but I will turn these experiences into a powerful fuel igniting me to go into the world and do more good…
To shine more light where there is dimness, to bring more joy where there is sorrow & pain.

I will choose to have profound challenges fire my spirit to create a tapestry of good in the world so rich that the darkness cannot touch it. It cannot even get close…

The majority of humanity are benevolent and good.
We are incredible in our ability to rise above.
Our spirits are strong and indefatigable!
We can forge onwards through intense struggle and overwhelming emotions.

So my message to you is…
if the world and it’s events such as this horrific tragedy on my own doorstep, are affecting you, as they are me, I urge you to tap into your reserves of human fortitude and harness this energy to spread love and even greater service for humanity through your world in whatever way you can.
To affirm that your flame of resolve will never be extinguished!
That your own personal light will never be dimmed!

These are the times for embodying the essence of grace. What is grace? In my eyes it means to honour, to glorify, enhance, ennoble to magnify or to elevate the human spirit.

This is a Manifesto of Light.
This is call to arms of love and service that I would like to share with everyone,

My deepest blessings,


Please share if this resonates with you in any way…


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