If I pose the question to you “How deeply is humanity really connected?”

What would you say? If someone across the other side of the world feels something, does it impact on us individually, in any way? What would be your response to this?

I would like to share a true story of an occurrence which happened last night… it may be some food for thought.

I rarely find movies that I would like to buy. However, when out strolling the shops with my family, I discovered a copy of the Russian Classic “Dr Zhivago” and thought this would be a great watch. Previously, I had seen it over twenty years ago but could barely remember. I loved the Director David Lean’s ability to capture the atmosphere of a location using wide, windswept, panoramic shots!
So last night I sat down and my partner and I immersed ourselves in three hours of this Russian Epic. It may well have been an emotional soul memory of this time because I literally felt the hardship of the times during the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. I could feel the gnawing hunger and despair. The extremes of suffering that the citizens were forced to endure! Interesting but stressful, I could really on some level, feel myself in Russia at this time, experiencing this turbulent and violent period of history.

The lead character Yuri was an empathic man and a Poet. I could relate to his sensibilities having had my book of poetry “Hilhairyass Poems” published ( ) and being a budding Poet myself!

Afterwards, I continued to reflect on the perils of war and the legacy of this time. In this state of deep thought, I drifted off to sleep…
On awakening I proceeded to switch on my mobile phone and heard a loud PING as a message came through.

Grabbing my glasses I leaned over to find something fascinating on my phone! It led me to write this whole article exploring the proposition that all humanity is connected at a deep, cellular level…

Appearing before my surprised vision was a message from my one and only friend with the Russian name Aleksandar (who has a Russian name but is from Croatia)! I had only heard from him a few brief times in the couple of years since we had connected on Facebook. Yet here was a message from him. Coincidence? Synchronicity? I will let you decide…

Even more astounding was the personal message he left for me.
Here were his words…

“I wish to encourage my friends. Believe in yourself and stay strong.
I am inviting you to be an example to others. Let others see your qualities and make them enjoy your company. We are creating environment to be what it is. In you is a big strength of a special individual that this beautiful world needs it.”

Honestly, I cannot be convinced for one second, that this is a mere accident. A coincidence of nature! To receive such a message from the exact place, I had just been re-experiencing through the eyes of this movie!

I propose to you that humans beings, as well as actively creating the world around them through their own experience, are also highly interconnected at a soul and cellular level. In fact, we are so profoundly connected, our own life experience will impact on each and every soul on this planet, in some way! There is no differentiation.

In reality, there are no countries, no races, no differences.

This is a MANMADE construct!

We are all interconnected…the SAME…ONE energy!

Following this premise through, it then clearly serves all humanity to experience this world in the most evolved and positive way possible.

I will leave you with this thought to ponder.

Please share your thoughts…I would love to hear from you.

Many blessings,

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