Emily Titmus is a wonderful example of a person who is honoring herself on all levels and living an aspirational, balanced life so I chose to interview her for my Blog.
Hopefully it will inspire others to reach for their highest version of themselves and their ‘best life’.

I started by asking Emily what she thinks is the core importance of female empowerment?

“Our parents and grandmothers fought so hard for women’s rights. This meant that on top of our life of running the house and looking after our children and so forth we added a whole other full-time life on top. This meant we are effectively living, two lives!

A ‘mum’ life and a ‘modern’ life of working, striving, being driven, with big goals and dreams. The effort to try to keep up with these two paradigms while keeping them running parallel, is important for various reasons. So that we have a sense of feeling like we’re living a big life and contributing outside the home, as well as contributing to family budget and addressing financial pressures.

At the same time it is really important for us to know that the small moments in our lives such as making cupcakes with the children or sitting outside and watching them play while you are in the garden, is equally as valuable.

If we are living these different lives we need to be mindful of supporting ourselves in whatever way we can. This includes mental de-stressing with meditation, health practices and having ‘self’ time. The question is how do we do all of this and maintain a sense of sanity?”
You emanate a holistic balanced life approach so tell me about your holistic stance and views on a healthy lifestyle?

“Two and a half years ago I was doing what I just discussed. Trying to be a perfect mum. Helping my husband with his franchise and running a couple of businesses myself. This involved sitting up till 2 a.m. in the morning working on the businesses so I could be with the children during the day.
I was juggling too many balls in the air and I burnt out. I was exhausted. I was living on coffee, eating chocolate, McDonalds, not nourishing my body, not looking after myself at all. At complete bottom of the priority list!

Then I was introduced to a nutritional cleansing program by my Auntie which I am on now. She had a complete abundance of energy!

I learnt about how to nourish my system. So I was able to fuel my body to keep up with everything. Then within one week of using this program it was like a light it switched on inside me. I was getting the minerals and everything I needed to fuel my body properly. The cravings for chocolate disappeared because your body is in balance again through ingesting all the correct minerals. It is simply not a question of willpower, it is minerals! I now have not touched chocolate for two and a half years. Furthermore, as a result, it is only clear to me now on reflection how much I was NOT looking after myself before.

Now my mission is to open up a doorway for other women experiencing these same challenges. To be able to be there for them. We can fix this!

Through this program you can get support and encouragement, coaching, group support and mindset programs (which are basically free) and follow different challenges. You also want to exercise because you feel great and have so much energy, you need to burn it off!”
In addition, in our lives now we have radiation, Wi-Fi , pollution, chemicals and so much more which our bodies are combatting?
“Yes my son’s new pyjamas have flame retardant in them. We have renovations in our house so all the things like; new couches and carpets have stain resistant sprays…. I read a book called “Slow Death by Rubber Duck” talking about all these toxins and environmental problems…

My point is that instead of having to change the environment we can go in and change ourselves. Firstly, cleanse your body of the impurities.”
What’s your biggest piece of advice Emily?
Getting to know who you really are. What you really need and want in your own life and not be externally driven. For example, what is your ideal day? What do I need to do right now? What do I need to do today? One last thing is ‘bookend your day’. This means do something for yourself at the end of each day and go over all the ‘wins’ – the positives of the day. Be grateful. Continue to extend the time that you do this bookending your time and focus on self-care.


Thank you so much Emily Titmus for your very informative and helpful guidance. I really appreciate your shared wisdom. If you would like to gain further information on Emily please visit her sites:

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