Power Of One Person

Deep down most people have the urge to make a difference in the world they inhabit.

For some people the flame of motivation is a little spark!
For a few people the flame is a burning one.
For Edhi, an amazing humanitarian in Pakistan, this flame was a burning bushfire in his soul.
Instead of allowing this flame to burn unexpressed he went out and did the extraordinary.
He epitomised the power of one person.

The general media did not acknowledge him much. It does not focus on the ‘do gooders’ of this world (unless they are sports people!) However, when he died very recently in July 2016, suddenly his actions in the world garnered more attention. He achieved so much and was just a humble man with shaky beginnings in life. His mother was paralysed by a stroke when he was 11 years old and he cared for her until she died, when he was 18 years old.

It seems this set in motion his mission to care for others.
He achieved so much in Pakistan to help the destitute, poor elderly & sick that he was called Pakistan’s “Father Teresa”. This is at a time when the Government was doing very little to help the needy.

Edhi started by begging for money on the street to set up a free hospital and from there his contribution grew in phenomenal ways.
One person… with nothing… who can make so much difference!
Imagine a world full of Edhi’s and it almost possible to envisage the way it would be.
What a beautiful world! This image of one simple man, doing so much, is incredibly powerful.

We all have unique gifts to contribute that no-one else has in the same way.

Perhaps the major obstacle that stops us from believing we can make a difference is a lack of self belief.
Insidious self doubt creeps in and whispers in our ear,

“YOU CAN’T DO THAT! Who do you think you are! Who are YOU to assume such responsibility! You are only a TINY ANT in a tumultuous sea of billions of ants…. what can YOU do that could possibly make a difference???”

Unfortunately the majority of us take the time to listen to this voice to the detriment of the world.
It is a powerful shame.
If we could all ban that naughty, little saboteur that sneaks around and digs holes for us to fall in, we would all be better off!

Edhi did not listen to that voice! Edhi found no obstacle too great in a society which had effectively abandoned it’s most vulnerable!

Here is the one of the most powerful two minute documentaries about human contribution you will ever see! I am in awe of this type of individual…

I ask you… are you listening to that sly, determined manipulator in your head or are you moving forward in your own special capacity to make this world a better place? Focusing on inner joy and service are the two essential components.

Next time “Mr Can’t Do It” knocks on my door and asks to come in I will graciously tell him, in love and forgiveness, that he is no longer welcome because I have something bigger to do.

What will you tell him when he knocks on your door as he is sure to do?

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Thank you … may you bless this world in your highest capacity to do so!

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