Words are powerful...


What words do you choose to speak?
How mindful are we when we talk ?

Do we rattle on … barely registering the words in our thoughts before they leave our lips or do we strive to choose our words with care and attention so that they have the exact meaning we intended. Creating the exact impact we were aiming for…


Words are powerful…

This reminds me of the day I was driving through traffic and could barely believe my eyes when I alighted on a builder’s trailer advertising with sheer audacity his business “Well Hung Plasterers”(see photo above)
“That is a lot to live up to” … I mused ironically. Clearly a man not lacking in confidence with his glaringly, obvious double entendre!
I love the humour we can create through our speech.

Words can heal as quickly as they can wound. Sometimes I think before we learn to speak to the masses we should, like a learner driver, gain our L plate and then a P plate before we are unleashed on the world, with this powerful tool that can be a weapon or a balm. Once a harsh or thoughtless word has escaped our lips (and I was as guilty of this as anyone, in my younger day!) you cannot erase it’s effects.

So with maturity, wisdom and a very hard road of life’s knocks, I speak now in a more measured way, evaluating as I go and asking myself “… am I being kind”? One of my favourite quotes is from North American Indian heritage and is “Tread gently on the Earth”. Implied is the ability to ‘cast a soft shadow’ and speak with gentle words that build harmony and love in a world where there is too much suffering.

You may already be walking on your path with great attention to every form of energy you communicate to the world around you. If so I commend you. Although let’s face it, in the every day routine of life, most of us, find ourselves falling short! Don’t be hard on yourself if this is the case. Small progressive steps are better than standing still in stagnation. So on your journey, like the fairy Godmother who grants you the gift of ‘inspired speech’, I tap you on the shoulder and ask you to see how many lives you can touch today with the power of your speech.


Words are powerful…

We may not all be as eloquent as each other but with not too much effort, we can all be kind…


Many blessings,


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