I was driving past this street and it reminded me (a sign from above!) to pay tribute to the second lovely Florence…

First there was Florence Nightinggale and then (not too dissimilar) was the step parenting ‘MUM’ role model supreme Carol Brady aka Florence Henderson.
Any self respecting Parenting site (!) would be remiss if it did not offer a HUGE tribute to this ultimate of mother role models…

Even if the realism of the show was in question in any way you could not miss the depth of warmth, love and compassion that this show represented with Carol as the female Mother figure.

Many of us grew up with her and the re-runs continue with unfettered enthusiasm. Personally I know for a fact that my young girls really enjoyed this show and what it represented as well as me.

On a mass scale this sort of positivity going in at a subliminal level to all who view this show, should never be diminished.

Florence made a great contribution to mass consciousness after choosing to symbolise the mother she never had coming from a dysfunctional childhood with an alcoholic father…

So thank you Florence for your contribution to parents all over the world!
You were a shining light!
We love you!

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Love to see you there!

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