Vision Board Video

Vision Board Video

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Studies have shown that an excellent tool to use for manifestation is a Vision Board which is putting all your favorite images and words on a poster to view regularly so that the goals become embedded in your conscious and unconscious minds.

VISION BOARD VIDEOS use images like favorite scenes, things or photos of loved ones, fav words or affirmations combined with your fav music. Music has a profound emotional impact on most people so when you add this to the other elements you invoke strong emotion and passion which creates ‘manifestation’. In other words you start to bring the Video into your life in real ways!
As we know, powerful thoughts and emotions combined, meet in the heart centre, to create the perfect growing conditions for your ability to manifest your deepest hopes and desires.
             In essence, this is THE NO 1 Manifestation tool to create your ideal life!

For your personalised Vision Board Video (VBV) I want you to flourish so just provide me with:

  1. names of 2 of your favorite pieces of music/songs
  2. 15-30 favorite images/photos (ie. people- family, friends, partner, dream house, best location, pets, favorite people or spiritual Masters, goals, interests)
  3. a list of 15+ special themes or subjects that are important to you. These can include affirmations (key words). For eg. I want to… increase abundance, learn to cook, find the love of my life, have more family time, start my ideal business, move to a beach location, travel globally or use key words like love, peace, happiness etc.

Then within a week I will then compile a dream, “Love Your Life” video for you to manifest your best possible life and create great joy. It will be sent via Dropbox or Google Drive (or USB can be sent in special circumstances).

VBV’s using all of these media are considered to be the ultimate manifestation tool because they are profoundly meaningful on so many levels, such as in visual, auditory, emotional and spiritual ways.

Order yours now… 100% 60 Day Satisfaction or Full Money Back Guarantee.

Quote from leading UK Therapist Marisa Peer on the power of  Vision Boards (& Videos are even more empowering!),

“Here is something interesting about vision boarding, when your mind says yes to something your body will always follow.
Looking at images of fit, healthy, active and successful people makes you more focused on becoming one too. If you mentally rehearse winning a race this triggers electrical impulses in the muscles, that fires them up for optimal performance. In the same way, when you visualise success, it fires you up for optimal performance.
Your vision board reminds you of your goals, and what you have to do to get there. It helps you to focus and it helps you to prioritise. You must make it more than a dream board, so by all means stick pictures on it of all the things you would like to have, but also write on it what you are going to do. 
For instance, you can put an image of a book on there if you want to write one, and then write next to it ‘I will work x hours a week writing this book and then I will work x hours a week promoting it I will make it a best seller’. Putting your attention on something this way makes it more likely to happen. 
You can add your own mission statement, make sure you write it in the present tense and make sure your vision board is somewhere where you can see it every day. Take a photograph of it, and have it on your phone and computer so you can see it all the time and keep adding pictures and statements to it.”

Marisa Peer


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